Thursday, February 2, 2012

Why You Should NEVER Skip Leg Day!

I recently started a new routine, which I will share with you all in time. The first week involved heavy lifting, while the second introduces something I've never tried before called intensity training.

Basically, when you start an exercise for a certain muscle group, you burn it out by lifting almost to failure, and then you have a subsequent amount of sets to take on without rest. I did this for my chest a couple days ago, and I have not been the same, since. If pain is any indication of gains then this has finally hinted at a spike in results.

So, since I had a longer than normal recovery time, I lost days in the gym. My next workout is legs, and I thought to myself: Should I skip it?

The answer: HELL NO!!!

The main reason I haven't seen enough recovery is because I haven't been doing any cardio--and that pumps blood through your body, which helps you recover! But when you are trying to look BIG as opposed to lean as an ectomorph (mesoecto?) it is really hard. So any amount of blood pumping you experience through your body is best done through a leg workout.

There is a MAIN artery in your leg which viciously pumps blood through your body, which is why your heart races when you run. The artery in your leg evolved there to help your body react faster when you are running. This gives you an adrenaline boost, more oxygen in your body to help your muscles react, and fills you up with blood.

So in order to recover faster, it is smart to get off my ass, jump in the gym, and get this leg workout taken care of. This is why it's good to have your leg day follow your chest day (just in case you experience the pain of recovery, and don't want to hit a muscle that might stimulate or strain the one you're trying to recover. For instance, if your chest hurts, working out your shoulders might be a bad idea).

Since I don't do cardio, the leg workout once a week is ESSENTIAL to not only my recovery, but my boost in testosterone, (which also helps in recovery!) and a sexy chiseled butt.

LETS FACE IT: if you're poor, you're gonna need something that isn't your wallet to fill your back pocket and keep them bitches' eyes locked.


  1. The last sentence is very truthful. Being a gay man that has befriended many women I can tell you for a fact that they appreciate a man with a good body. That includes the ass people! Some women even like to play with it, but I'm not gonna go there. x3

  2. Love it! Just started lifting never thought of this... Need to do more research, ha. Keep it up!

    1. I'm filled to the brim with research! lol thanks!